Interface Expression

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All Known Implementing Classes:
AndExpression, CompositeExpression, LogicalExpression, NandExpression, OrExpression, PropertyExpression, StaticExpression, XorExpression

public interface Expression

A generic interface that denotes an expression that can be evaluated to true or false.

Method Summary
 boolean evaluate(PropertyProvider provider)
          Returns whether the expression validates to true.

Method Detail


boolean evaluate(PropertyProvider provider)
Returns whether the expression validates to true.

provider - The object that is to give the value for the property name. It's PropertyProvider.getProperty(com.miginfocom.util.PropertyKey) will be called with propName.

Note! This "callback" object is only in a valid state to get the property during this method call.

Subclasses may disregard this object altogether to have some arbitrary evaluation logic.

If the propNameValue evaluates to true depending on operation and propValue.

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