Package com.miginfocom.util.dates

Interface Summary
DateChangeListener EventListener that will be notified of DateChangeEvents.
DateRangeI Basic interface for a date range.
DateRangeRounder Interface to a class that round dates/times to specified boundaries
DateStringProvider A generic formatter that takes a DateRangeI and returns a String.
MutableDateRange Extends DateRangeI with methods to change the date range.
TimeSpan Interface to be implemented by all classes that in some way represents an object that takes up some time, or rather has a start and end date/time.
TimeSpanListListener EventListener that will be notified of TimeSpanListEvents when the time span list itesf changes (add/remove).

Class Summary
BoundaryRounder Rounds DateRangeI's and Calendar's to specified intervals.
NOTE! This rounder rounds to a specific point i absolute time with no compensation for rounding over daylight savings and such..
DateChangeEvent An event that has information abount changes of date ranges.
DateFormatList Similar to SimpleDateFormat but is more suited to live in a com.miginfocom.theme since it can be both Locale dependant or independant.
DateRange Default implementation of a MutableDateRange.
DateRangeUnion A date range that have a base date range and end date range.
Basically this class keeps track of two date ranges and some convenience methods for handling them.
DateUtil A utility class with static methods for handling dates and calendars.
DefaultDateStringProvider An implementation that interprets the formatting object sent in and return an appropriate string.
ImmutableDateRange An immutable DateRange.
MillisRounder Rounds DateRangI's to specified intervals.
RangeCount A class that makes it possible to denote a certain abount of some time unit.
TimeSpanList A list of TimeSpan objects.
TimeSpanListEvent An event that has information abount changes of date ranges.

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