Package com.miginfocom.calendar.category

Interface Summary
Categorizable Denotes that the object can link to one or more categories.
CategoryResolver If two Categorys that has the same ID are being added to the depository a confict will arise.
CategoryStructureListener EventListener that will be notified of CategoryStructureEvents when the structure in the CategoryDepository changes.
CategoryViewFilter A filter that can be used to filter what Categories should be visible.

Class Summary
Category A category that makes up a category tree.
CategoryDepository A class that keeps track of all categories in the application.
CategoryFilter A filter that can be used in a GridRow to exclude unwanted ActivityViews.
CategoryInteractionBroker Extends the default broker with some specific commands for Category objects.
CategorySorter A sorter that is configurable to sort child categories for a category in many different ways.
CategoryStaticInteractor Interactor that cane translate template text CategoryStaticInteractor.TEMPL_CATEGORY_NAME to a Category's name.
CategoryStructureEvent An event that has information abount changes of date ranges.
CategorySubRowCreator A creator of subrows that creates them after the tree that a Category is at the top of.

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