Package com.miginfocom.ashape.shapes

Interface Summary
AShape Th interface that describe an AShape.

Class Summary
AbstractAShape Contains the framework for the attributed shapes.
ContainerAShape A shape that does nothing except hold other shapes and spans an area.
DividerAShape A very simple shape that just acts as a rectangular divider with a certain thickness and paint.
DrawAShape A shape that implments a drawing (outline) algorithm with Graphics2D.draw(java.awt.Shape).
FeatherAShape An attributed shape that feather (i.e.
FillAShape A shape that fills a shape with a paint.
FilterAShape A generic base class for shapes that implements some kind of filtering algorithm to another shape.
FittingTextAShape A text shape much like TextAShape but with the ability to have more that one text template and paint the first one that fits the bounds.
ImageAShape An image that has som additional attributes, such as x/y alignment and width/hight scaling.
JComponentAShape This shape embeds a JComponent.
RootAShape This is the only shape that is allowed to be the root shape.
SlicedImageAShape A shape that holds a SlicedImage.
TextAShape A shape that can draw text of different kinds.
VectorAShape A generic base class for vector graphics shape.

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