Class CutEdgeAShapeLayout

  extended by com.miginfocom.ashape.layout.AbstractAShapeLayout
      extended by com.miginfocom.ashape.layout.CutEdgeAShapeLayout
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CutEdgeAShapeLayout
extends AbstractAShapeLayout

Lays out according to the following algorithm:

Sub shapes that get no bounds, because it is already taken by earlier sub shapes, will have thier reference bounds set to an empty rectangle.
Algorithm in short: the sub shapes cut of piece after piece of the parent's bounds.
The subcomponents' place rect (PlaceRect is thus the spec for how to "dock/cut". Use preferrably the "dock"-optimized constructor to create the place rects for the sub components, to avoid bugs.

See Also:
AbsRect.AbsRect(int, Number, com.miginfocom.util.gfx.geometry.filters.SizeConstraint), AbsRect.AbsRect(int, Number)., Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void layoutShapes(AShape parent)
          Layout the first level sub shapes of the parent and call AShape.layout() on them
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Constructor Detail


public CutEdgeAShapeLayout()
Method Detail


public void layoutShapes(AShape parent)
Description copied from interface: AShapeLayout
Layout the first level sub shapes of the parent and call AShape.layout() on them

parent - The parent which sub shapes should be laid out.

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