Class AbstractInteractionBroker

  extended by com.miginfocom.ashape.interaction.AbstractInteractionBroker
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
ActivityViewInteractionBroker, AShapeAnimatorBroker, CategoryInteractionBroker, DefaultInteractionBroker

public abstract class AbstractInteractionBroker
extends java.lang.Object
implements InteractionBroker

Abstract implementation.

Breaks down the command set into Commands and calls handleCommand(Interactor, com.miginfocom.util.command.Command, java.awt.event.InputEvent) for them.

Override handleCommand(Interactor, com.miginfocom.util.command.Command, java.awt.event.InputEvent) to handle the command.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  boolean handleCommand(Interactor interactor, Command command, java.awt.event.InputEvent e)
          Handels one command.
 void handleCommands(Interactor interactor, CommandSet cmdSet, java.awt.event.InputEvent e)
          Handles the intended commands.
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Constructor Detail


public AbstractInteractionBroker()
Method Detail


public void handleCommands(Interactor interactor,
                           CommandSet cmdSet,
                           java.awt.event.InputEvent e)
Description copied from interface: InteractionBroker
Handles the intended commands.

Specified by:
handleCommands in interface InteractionBroker
interactor - The source if the interaction. If not originater from an Interactor it can be set to null.
cmdSet - The commands. Up to the implementation to interpret. Not null.
e - The event that started the chain, if available. Can be null.


public abstract boolean handleCommand(Interactor interactor,
                                      Command command,
                                      java.awt.event.InputEvent e)
Handels one command.

interactor - The interactor the the interaction originated from
command - The command that is to be executed
e - The event that started the interaction, if any.
IF the command was handled.

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